Flowers Everywhere

There are quite a few flowers in the garden at the moment. The bees are loving the chives still and there’s even a surprise rose. I don’t know why it’s always a surprise as it flowers every year but I also do nothing to it and kind of forget that it is there until it is in flower.

Talking of the bees, I inspected them over the weekend and all looks OK. The small colony os still very small but is showing all of the right signs so might build up throughout the summer. The larger colony is still growing and brood patterns and levels of stores etc are looking good.

Elsewhere in the garden, as well as the flowers, the various shades of green in the foliage is looking good too, especially when the sun shines through it.

Shades of Green

The rough grass between the dunes and the golf course is covered in pale yellow to white rose flowers as well. I’m not 100% what sort of rose it is but it could be a dog rose, a white field rose or Rosa pimpinellifolia. It doesn’t really matter though as they look lovely, there are huge swathes of them and the smell nice too.

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