Enjoying the Lockdown Sunshine

We’re still quite enjoying the lockdown. The weather has been lovely most of the time, the garden is looking good and we’re quite happy at Ynyslas. We haven’t been anywhere else for nearly two months now but we love it here so it’s no big deal.

We’re still busy working of course but there has been time for pizzas in the garden, family strolls locally and of course plenty of indoor cycling for me.

The dry weather has even meant that there hasn’t been too much work to do in the garden really. The grass is barely growing and everything else seems to be doing well. I might have to start watering some pots soon though. I have been toying with a garden project to create some new borders here and there but I think I’ll leave it for now. The front garden probably needs sorting out first anyway as the back garden looks fine as it is.

We did have quite a bit of wind the other day which toppled one of the bee hives. Fortunately it was an empty hive that was set up ready for an artificial swarm so do damage was done.

Toppled Hive

It looks like being another nice week weather wise so hopefully that’ll mean more time in the garden, more time beekeeping and some more al fresco dining. This lockdown malarkey isn’t too bad!

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