A Weekend in the Garden

With the Coronavirus lockdown in full effect, time outside has been limited. Actually, that’s not entirely true as we are allowed out into our gardens. Time off the premises however is limited to once a day for exercise, or for trips to the shop for essentials. I’ve been getting out for my daily exercise of course but only once as permitted which is less than what I would usually do. Yesterday it was a short run around Ynyslas.

The lack of time off the premises does mean that I’ve had some time to spend working on the garden.

Spring Gardening

Gardening is always a fairly high priority at this time of year as everything needs tidying up after the ravages of winter. It always feels like a daunting task when I first venture out there in the Spring, but once I get stuck in it usually only takes a couple of days to get on top of it and get things under control. The nice weather at the weekend has allowed me to do this. It was dry and sunny but with a biting Easterly wind.

The lawn has had it’s second mow. It doesn’t look great yet as it has quite a few weeds in it and quite a bit of moss too. The second cut was a little shorter as well so it’s looking a little brown at the moment but as soon as we get some rain it will soon be lush and green once again. Talking of rain, according to the Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station it hasn’t rained now for 11 days (and counting).

11 Days without Rain

That’s not a record but it’s pretty good going for West Wales and means that things are drying out nicely after the floods. The road to the Estuary is still flooded though and there are still lakes in the dune slacks but the waters are receding.

What really makes the garden look a little neater and well-cared for is tidying up the edges around the flower beds and borders. I haven’t quite finished this yet but most have been done and the beds and borders themselves have been weeded at the same time.

I hadn’t noticed it before, but the strangely, the greenest parts of the ‘lawn’ are the parts that get walked on the most. Most of the taller shrubs and trees have been cut back to size so as to form nice dense bushes over the summer. I even got around to digging some compost out of one of the compost bins. The raised bed has been dug over and weeded and it has been fertilised with some of last years compost too. It’s almost ready to have some veggies planted in it, although we’ll have a little bit of a wait until Anna’s seedlings from M&S are ready to go out!

There’s always more to do of course but things are looking under control out there once again.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Alan Cole says:

    Well, it rained today (Wednesday) so we managed a 12 day streak without rain… It didn’t rain much today wither. Just 0.2mm so far.


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