A Marvellous Mauve May

I managed to squeeze a few hours working in the garden into my hectic weekend schedule on Saturday.

I’d already mowed the lawn a day or so ago, so todays chores were tidying up the edges around the various beds and borders, weeding, cutting back and pruning a few plants and potting out some Rosemary cuttings. The garden is beginning to look really nice now and seems to be full of purple and mauve coloured plants. It seems that May is a mauve month for us.

There are various shades of Aquilegia from deep purple through to paler pinks. The blue-bells are putting on a show, the Ajuga is spreading really well and has almost irridescent little purple flowers covering the ground which blend in really well with the Muscari Hyacinths, red Phormium and the new burst of purple from the chive flowers.. Forget-me-nots form mists of blue under the bamboo and the Aliums are just beginning to open too. Even the Lilac is nearly flowering.

Things are doing well in the greenhouse as well. A couple of the trays that the Scouts planted have done nothing, but I think that’s because they weren’t really putting their all into it, but most are doing well. We have Courgettes, Beans, Tomatoes, Peas , Lettuce and a few other things that I’ve yet to identify – Their labelling wasn’t the best!

On our side the brocolli and swede that we planted has germinated, the tomatoes are doing well and the cucumbers are getting established, and we have a few beans on the way too. The Pohukatawa tree seeds that we brought back from New Zealand have done nothing though. There’s plenty to do to keep on top of it all at the moment, but it is all beginning to pay off and things look good.

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