Garden Retreat

At least we are still allowed out into our garden during the Coronavirus lockdown. The weather has been pretty good for it too. 9 days without rain and counting means that the floodwaters have receded and I’ve been able to do a bit of tidying up out there.

Hedges and taller shrubs have been cut back to keep them in check. The lawn has been mowed, treated and Anna has been raking the moss out of parts of it. I’ve done lots of trimming, pruning, weeding and have started edging the borders too. It’s still quite early in the year but things are growing well and the primroses and primulas are looking good. They seem to be spreading themselves out around the garden nicely. If they continue to do so they should put on an even better show in a few years time.

The red stems of the Dogwood looks good in the Spring sunshine, as does the red Phormium next to it. The Palm Tree that Helen bought us is still doing well. It’s surprisingly big these days seeing as it’s quite a slow growing plant and holds it’s own against the other things around it. It also doesn’t look nearly as messy in real life as it does in the photo below.

I need to spend some time on the raised bed though. Who knows, if the lockdown increases we may be needing it to grow some veggies this year! There’s nothing in it at the moment, just a whole load of strawberry plants that don’t do too well in it as the mice can get to the fruits too easily, and of course some rhubarb. The rhubarb is doing well though and is already keeping us sustained with the occasional rhubarb crumble.

Rhubarb from the Garden – Destined for a crumble

There’s plenty to do out there as always and while the weather is nice it’s something of a refuge from the crazy times we are currently in.

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