Saturday Activities

Just a normal Saturday here really. I was up early so managed to get some work done before Anna got up. The tide was too high to get out on the sea so next up was an hour on the turbo trainer which actually felt quite easy, and then a quick run around Ynyslas.

By now the tide was dropping but first it was up into the loft to fixed the float valve in the water tank. It’s been playing up for a while and has been repaired by me a few times but the repairs weren’t lasting very long now so a nice new shiny one was installed.

It was then off to the beach with my windsurfing kit. I rigged my 5m sail to start with but the wind dropped as I did and there was no chance of getting going with it. I therefore rigged my 5.7m sail as the heavens opened and the wind dropped to next to nothing. Now there wasn’t even enough for my bigger sail. I sat around in the rain for a bit and eventually once the rain passed the wind filled in again and I ended up having a good session nicely powered with my 5.7m sail. I don’t have time to edit the video though so here are some still from the session instead.

After that it was home for afternoon tea and cakes from Ridiculously Rich and then time to get our chefs aprons on to cook up a nice meal courtesy of TheSpicery. Mmm Mmm. Not a bad day all in all despite the fact that it was grey and dreary the whole time.

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