Painting the Sea Red

Windy Miller

Windy Miller

I’ve just got back from another windsurf session here at Ynyslas. Today for a change the wind was South-Westerly so we were sailing on the opposite tack. Much nicer for me as I prefer jumping on that tack.

Despite the high expectations the wind wasn’t quite as strong as we had hoped and was hovering around the 20 knot mark, so my big wave board (Naish Hybrid Freewave 85ltr) and biggish sail (Gun Nexus 5.6m) was the order of the day.

To start with it was perfect and I was able to blast in and out through the waves and even gain some ground upwind. After about an hour on the water Dave and Sarah came over to the beach and started rigging so I stopped for a rest and wandered up the beach to sea them. Once they were rigged and we got back on the water the wind had eased and it was a struggle to get going in the water-water for a while, but out the back there was still enough wind most of the time.

Thankfully after ending up a little way downwind the wind did come back and I was able to sail back to where I started from but it never quite filled back in to make it into an epic session. Still I covered over 30 miles and painted lots of red lines on the sea via Google Earth!

Painting the sea red

Painting the sea red

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