And so the Garden Grows

The longest day has been and gone and the garden is growing well. I thought I’d share a few longest day photos from the garden with you. The veg in the new raised bed is now growing well. As always when you first plant them out there seems to be huge amounts of space in the bed and very little plant. That didn’t last long though as the courgette plants are now taking over.



Elsewhere, it’s business as usual as the plants and weeds continue to grow. To be honest there aren’t that many weeds, but they can grow pretty quickly when they want too. Thankfully though the dandelions, goose grass and horsetails seem to be mostly outpaced by the preferred garden plants. The geraniums are flowering nicely, even some of the new ones I put in at the backs of shady borders earlier int he year. The Spirea’s are in full flower, as is the loosestrife. We even have some roses. The small white flowers of our wedding bells rambling rose are just coming out and the other rose that we have has been doing well too.

I’m even liking the bottom of the garden again this year. This area is a little wilder than the rest of the garden and house our bee apiary as well as compost bins. The screen of mallow and comfrey that I planted down here adds some interest though as do the little hedges to provide wind breaks for the apiary. If it weren’t for the fact that the midges like this area it could be a nice secluded spot to sit.

July and August will soon be upon us though. Hopefully with it will come less work int he garden and more time sat enjoying it.

Garden in June

Garden in June

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum says:

    Somewhere nice for Anna and me to sit and whatch you and you Dad work x

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