Slow Recovery or just Plain Lazy

I’m either having a slow recovery from my cold, or I’m just being plain lazy.

Getting back into it

After trying to get back into some training last week after having had a cold, I did OK for a few days but then over the weekend fell off the rails a bit again. Thursday’s swim session wasn’t the greatest, I noted that I felt slow and sluggish so cut the session short as it wasn’t doing me any favours. Friday’s easy 45 minute turbo trainer session was OK, but I felt a bit chesty again and didn’t bother going to circuits later in the day.

Slow Recovery?

We then went for a walk on Saturday but I decided against my usual Sunday morning bike ride and swim as I wanted another day of rest to get rid of the cold completely. I didn’t really feel like training on Monday either though so missed a turbo trainer session and a run. I was now beginning to wonder if this was a slow recovery, or if I was just being lazy now?

I did get on the turbo trainer on Tuesday and tried to do the ‘Goddard‘ session I should have done on Monday. It didn’t quite work out though as I was pretty tired 3/4 of the way through it so didn’t do the final round of high cadence form work but instead finished off with some easy, slow recovery spinning. Maybe I knew that this would be the case as I had already given myself a second chance at doing this workout, with it scheduled again for next week. Lets hope I complete it next time around.



I had intended to do either a run or a core workout afterwards but did neither… Plain lazy maybe?

MAF Tests

Wednesday morning’s session was my MAF zone track run. I did at least complete it, but once again it was slow. Here’s the results of my MAF zone runs on the track over the past few months.

Slow Recovery

Slow Recovery

As you can see I was making good progress with improving pace at the same heart rate. That was until I came down with this cold when my pace went back down to the level it was at before I started doing these MAF tests. At least this weeks was slightly faster than last weeks I suppose, so maybe I am just having a very slow recovery and things will bounce back soon.

I did manage a turbo trainer session in the evening as well and completed it all, even if my average heart rate was 9 bpm higher than last time I did the same workout a few weeks ago.

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