Yesterday was a good day. First I took Morgan to school and then worked at the university invigilating exams in the morning. Not the most stressful of jobs as I simply sit in a room with a student or two, keep an eye on them whilst they do their exams and keep a check on the time. It gave me a chance to catch up on some podcasts and just sit there and chill for a while. Any longer than a couple of hours and it does get a little boring though.

Then it was home (via MacDonalds!), and a catch up on my e-mails before doing a quick turbo trainer workout followed by a short Yoga session. Then I was back on the school run, after which Morgan and I went to the climbing wall for an hour.

I then dropped Morgan off with Anna at work and headed back to the Sports Hall for an hour of pain in the form of a circuit training session. I would have then spent some time on the spin bikes and gone for a swimfit session, but I’m under doctors orders not to swim at the moment due to my surfer’s and swimmer’s ear. Once I’m allowed to swim again, Tuesdays could turn out to be an action packed day, turbo training, yoga, rock climbing, circuit training, spin bikes and swimming. I just need to find a way of earning some money at the same time!

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