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Factory Tour 1

School Ireland Visit – Day 4

On day 4 we went to Tayto Park. We got up and did our morning routine. Got dressed and got on the bus to Tayto Park. Tayto Park is a theme park based upon the Tayto Crisps, the Irish version of Walkers. When we got to Tayto Park the first sight of a ride was...

Dublinia 2

School Ireland Visit – Day 3

On day 3 we went to Dublin for the Day and learnt about it’s history with the vikings. First we got up and did out daily shower routines, with all the singing. We then got our stuff ready to go to Dublin, we got on the bus and played cards all the way there. When...

Hurling 1

School Ireland Visit – Day 2

Day 2 we went to a school that our school was paired with. When we woke up we had to work our who was having a shower when, we decided last night that all the Year 6s have their showers in the evening and the Year 5s had their’s in the morning. I was second...