Birthday Treats

Can you believe that it’s 9 years ago that Morgan first came into this world… Mad hey, where does the time go?

Unfortunately for me, my new job at the University – I’ll post about it here soon – meant that I wouldn’t be at home with Morgan for his birthday. We had originally planned that he would go to Holiday Club where he could be with school friends, take a cake and a DVD and hopefully have a nice time. He wasn’t so thrilled with that idea so Anna managed to take the day off to spend at home with him.

I feel as though, I’m missing out though as I was looking forward to playing with some of his new toys with him. I was especially looking forward to building his new Lego Trainset.

Morgan’s birthday celebrations actually began on Sunday when he opened his present from ‘Ninny and Grandad’ (my parents). That present was a Scalextric Velorome Set which we set up and played with on Sunday whilst my parents were here. The celebrations will be continuing until next Sunday as well when he has his birthday party

His actual birthday is today and he had requested a chocolate birthday cake for today and then his favourite lemon, lime and poppy seed cupcakes for his party. I set to baking the chocolate cake last night and had enough mixture leftover to make a few chocolate cupcakes too so we had some birthday-eve cakes last night. I then got up early this morning in order to ice and decorate the cake. It wasn’t a huge cake and I didn’t go for any elaborate decorations simply because the main event will be on Sunday for his party, but Morgan seemed quite impressed with the cake anyway when he saw it.

Chocolate Celebration Cake

Chocolate Celebration Cake

We then opened his presents which included a

  • USB microscope
  • A minecraft ‘T’-shirt
  • A Lego Chima Annual
  • Some Money
  • A huge Lego Trainset

He seemed particularly taken with the Minecraft T-shirt, but that isn’t surprising really as he seems to be addicted to Minecraft at the moment. The Lego trainset was the big present though and Morgan soon had it opened and started getting bags and bags of bricks out of the box. Lego may be expensive, especially a set like this, but it is always such good quality that it does seem worth it compared to what you pay for some other lesser toys. The fact that it can be anything you want it to be whenever you want gives it lasting appeal too.

Had I been at home with Morgan then we would have spent the day building it together, but as I had to get off to work Morgan made a start on his own. He started with the main engine of the train but soon moved onto setting up a new track, adding the new pieces from this set to those from his existing Lego trainset that he got for Christmas. I left for work secretly hoping that he wouldn’t build the rest of the trains yet and that we’d be able to do it together on a day that I wasn’t working.

The Building Begins

The Building Begins

We had asked Morgan what he wanted for his birthday dinner as well and he had said that he wanted to go to The Starling Cloud in Aberystwyth. Anna and I didn’t take too much convincing about that. We also owed ourselves a pudding from the Starling Cloud as we missed out on one last time we were there, so that was the plan for the birthday dinner. It did mean that I would miss circuit training and a swim session, but family life comes fist and it’s only Morgan’s birthday once a year so it’s nice to do something special.

After work I went for a quick swim and then met Anna and Morgan at the Starling Cloud. Morgan already knew that he wanted – scampi and chips followed by the ‘Pudding Tower’ – so we ordered and the food was with us in no time. Anna and I had chicken fillet burgers which were really nice, and we polished off Morgan’s chips too as he rarely eats them. I ate the last of Anna’s burger too as she was already full up. It was then onto the puddings. A large Toffee Waffle Sundae for me, Irish Cream Cheesecake for Anna and the three pudding tower consisting of chocolate fudge cake, jam roly poly and sticky toffee pudding for Morgan. They were all really nice, and yes, I know that for a fact as I ate all of mine, Anna only ate half of hers so I finished that off and Morgan barely made a dent in his so I had his as well!

We then headed home where Morgan showed me the engine of the Lego Cargo train he’d built. It was looking quite impressive and there was still plenty to build for me as well. We then had candles on his cake and a few slices of chocolate cake before bed.

9 Candles

9 Candles

I think he had a nice day, I also think Anna and Morgan will post about the things they got up to during the day as well.

Happy Birthday Morgan!

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  1. Emily says:

    Happy birthday Morgan! What a fabulous cake, did you use stencils to get the lettering so neat? Very jealous of all the Lego.

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