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Lego Exploration Vessel Bridge 0

Lego City Explorers Deep Sea Exploration Vessel

Lego Build number two of Christmas was the huge Lego City Explorers Deep Sea Exploration Vessel. This consist of a large exploration vessel, several little submarine crafts and a sunken treasure ship. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some Lego building now would it and as usual, Morgan and I sat down together to do it. Lego...

Mountain of Lego 2

Lego Trainset

I’m happy to report that despite spending my day working at the University on Morgan’s birthday he did save some lego for me to help him build. So that’s exactly what we did yesterday. I started the day with a run, the slowest I’ve ever been around that course so not a great start, but...


Birthday Treats

Can you believe that it’s 9 years ago that Morgan first came into this world… Mad hey, where does the time go? Unfortunately for me, my new job at the University – I’ll post about it here soon – meant that I wouldn’t be at home with Morgan for his birthday. We had originally planned...

Lego Organiser 0

Lego Organiser

I have to say, I quite like this. It appeals to my sense of order and tidiness. Nice one Morgan!!! Amazon.co.uk Widgets

Advent Calendars 0

All Ready for Advent

Hooray, Christmas is coming and we’re all ready for advent with our advent calendars on the table and ready to be opened tomorrow. Anna’s is the Hotel Chocolate one, Morgans the really cool Lego one and mine is the Octonauts (whatever they are) one! Morgan has had a Lego advent calendar a few times now...


Lego Stop Motion – Cat Rescue!

And here’s our second attempt. Obviously with more time, more patience and better battery charge in my camera we could improve on this. It was only meant to be a bit of fun and it kept Morgan occupied on a wet Bank Holiday Monday morning. Hope you like it.


Stop Motion Lego Movie

I was trying to explain to Morgan how stop motion movies work and thought the best way to do it was to actually make one with him. Mind you, I’ve never made one before so it was a case of the blind leading the blind. We started off with a nice easy project, took the...

An Alternative Advent Calendar 3

An Alternative Advent Calendar

It’s not long until Christmas, so time to start preparing. Whilst looking for presents for Morgan I came across this Lego™ City advent calendar. OK, so it costs quite a bit more than an unhealthy chocolate advent calendar but you get a great Lego™ calendar with a new mini-build every day through the advent period....

Lego House 0

Lego’d Out

I’ve had fun building lego models with Morgan this weekend, but I’m a bit lego’d out now! I do like the attention to detail in the models though and some of the little finishing touches such as the mailbox are pretty good. Morgan took some photos of our efforts though and asked me to ‘blog’...


Toys for the Boys – Lego City

Morgan seems to like his birthday presents so far. We haven’t been out with the metal detector yet, but he has played with all of the accessories that go with his ‘pirate castle’ and seem to like those. The Monkey character that protects the rainforest hasn’t shut up since he got it and he’s had...