An Energetic Day

What a day that was!

Trail Running at Nant yr Arian

A nice early start for me so that I could do a little bit of work before heading up to Nant yr Arian. I was there before 6:30am and headed off for a trail run. Needless to say that it was completely dark as I made my way through the mist and murk below the trees as the wind howled through the branches.

It was a nice run all on my own through the trails and hills of Nant yr Arian. Nothing too mad, just a nice gentle jog really.

Mountain Biking

Next up I met Simon at 7:30am just as it got light and we headed off for a relaxed mountain bike ride. We headed off around the Anglers Retreat Figure of Eight. I hadn’t ridden this route for a while but it was all pretty much as I remembered it. Complete with a few river crossings.The light over Nant y Moch amazing.




It was then a quick trip home and time to wash my bike, do some laundry and get showered. Anna and I then headed off to Talybont to visit Caffi Gruff for coffee and cake. This is a new café that has opened, run by a cycling friend of mine Gruff. The café is therefore very cyclist friendly and he served a delicious cup of coffee and some toasted teacakes too.


Back at home and I couldn’t resist a surf so off I headed to the beach.



There was just so much energy out there today. The surf was pretty big and there was a strong Easterly wind blowing. Huge plumes of spray were blowing off the tops of the waves leaving countless rainbows in their wake.

Catching waves was pretty difficult thanks to the wind and the blinding spray but the few that I did catch were lovely.



The spray was landing on the water behind the waves in masses of tiny little droplets that glistened like fields of diamonds on the water surface. I may have only caught about 9 waves whilst out there (according to the wave tracker app on my Garmin), but just being out there watching the waves, watching the spray, and being in amongst such energy was well worth the effort.



With all that done it was still only 2:30pm. Time for more coffee and cake and then I wandered over to the beach again to get a few photos as the sun began to set.

I think a nice relaxing evening is in store. Maybe a film, a beer and some free food thanks to all the referral credit we’ve earned through My Cookbox.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Simon says:

    Nant was certainly beautiful this morning!

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