As mentioned in my previous post we were indeed evacuated last night. Not long after posting it there were sirens and blue flashing lights outside and fire-fighters were going from house to house evacuating people.

Not everyone went but we decided that we would leave as it would be quite exciting to do so. We checked on the neighbours to see if they needed any help, moved things up off the floor, put the guinea pigs up on the bed and put my back-up hard drives in the attic (well, they do contain my entire web-design business on them). We then packed a bag of spare clothes, toothbrushes and wash kit, chucked some wellies and coats in the car, along with a sleeping bag each and Morgan’s ‘Sleepy Bear’ teddy and headed inland to the nearest pub.

We had dinner there whilst we decided what to do and had loads of offers of places to stay from friends. So, thanks to all those who offered us accommodation for the night, it’s very much appreciated and I hope those of you that we¬†didn’t go to aren’t offended that we didn’t choose yours (maybe we’ll cop me round next week!).We ended up at Nia’s thanks to the promise of plenty of Lego for Morgan to play with! So special thanks to Nia for putting us up / putting up with us. They supplied us with beds to sleep in, coffee and chocolates, some good chat and then breakfast this morning. It was a really nice evening out in fact.

We drove back home this morning. The road through Borth is still closed and the sea has burst over the sea wall near the station and flooded the road there and down into the station. Thankfully here at Ynyslas is all OK. The winds have eased now but there is still a big swell so the waves are crashing over the top of the sea wall all along the golf course, but the house is fine and all is dry.

All in all it was quite and adventure. We had all of the excitement of an evacuation but without any of the trauma.


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  1. Glad you’re ok! What a soggy start to the year.

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