Taking Care of the Calories

After such a pig out yesterday I thought it was time to get back into it step up the training and burn off some of the calories!

Last week was a recovery week so a fairly easy week for me with 2 rest days! Here’s my training diary:

Last Weeks Training Diary

Last Weeks Training Diary

This meant that I was fairly well rested and I was raring to go. My TrainerRoad schedule had a particularly brutal looking workout for me as well. It was called ‘Powell’ and consisted of 12x 3 minute intervals well above FTP. It started with 3 intervals at 110% of my FTP and then increased in intensity after every 3rd interval until I was working at 120% of FTP for the last three.

The good thing about working at intensities based on FTP is that, assuming the workouts are constructed properly, they can be made so that they are really hard, but just about achievable. TrainerRoad seem to have it sussed and I seemed to have my FTP dialled in just about right. Lately at the beginning of every workout and for the first few intervals I seem to be thinking to myself that there’s no way I’ll be able to finish. Once again this was the case today and as the intensities ramped up and the fatigue built I was never completely convinced that I’d be able to do it.

I kept pushing on though and even going into the last interval I was still unsure of my ability to maintain the power output for the full 3 minutes but I did it and hopefully burned off around 1,300 calories in the process.




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  1. Avatar forComment Author Stephen says:

    Hey nice blog… bah that sounds just like spam! Anyway genuinely cool, what software does your training? Seems pritty cool, better than TP and Garmin Connect!

    • Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

      Hi Stephen,
      I use various applications for my training logs etc. The first pic with the training diary was Garmin Connect, the second pic is TrainerRoad which I use for turbo trainer workouts only.

      My main tools for such things these days are Garmin Connect for keeping an online diary of what I’ve done (its pretty automatic with Garmin watches so easy to do). Rubitrack for offline diary and analysis. Strava for keeping track of course records etc. and TriBlogs for planning. I have written a number of blog posts about the pros and cons of each:

      Mac Training Software
      Online Training Diaries

      There are probably others if you search the site as well.
      Hope that helps.

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