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20 minute FTP test 2

20 minute FTP Test – Fitness Gains

Phew, it’s been a while since I last did an FTP. Monday morning brought with it time to do a 20 minute FTP test though. My last test was at the beginning of January, an 8 minute test that produced an FTP of 290 Watts. Not great, but it dod result in a slight improvement over...

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Race Overview 5

TrainerRoad and Best Bike Split

Feeling completely unprepared for the upcoming Fishguard Ocean Lava Half Ironman distance triathlon that I’m supposed to be doing in a couple of weeks, I thought it was time to simulate riding the course. I didn’t have time to head to Fishguard again to ride the bike route. So, instead I decided to replicate it on...

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TrainerRelay 1

TrainerRoad TrainerRelay and Workout Builder

I got to play with a new feature of the TrainerRoad Beta software yesterday. The feature called TrainerRelay allow you to re-broadcast your virtual power data from TrainerRoad on your PC to a head unit such as my Garmin Forerunner 910XT watch. This essentially gives me a power meter that I can use to train with. TrainerRoad...

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FTP Test - 25th Feb 0

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test No. 3

My turbo training schedule had me doing an FTP test on Monday courtesy of TrainerRoad. These tests are always hard, so I guess it was my punishment for such a pig out at the pudding party on Sunday. This was the third time I’d done such a test so I’m getting used to them now but...

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Last Weeks Training Diary 2

Taking Care of the Calories

After such a pig out yesterday I thought it was time to get back into it step up the training and burn off some of the calories! Last week was a recovery week so a fairly easy week for me with 2 rest days! Here’s my training diary: This meant that I was fairly well...

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TrainerRoad - Keeler Needle 2

Ynyslas Floods

My parents are here visiting for the weekend so yesterday after our ride at Nant yr Arian I jumped on the Turbo Trainer for an hour of 14 Ramps ranging from 120% to 150% of FTP whilst they went for a walk in the dunes. Here’s what I did: In the meantime Morgan ‘Ninny’ and Grandad...

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8 Minute Test 2

Turbo Training with FTP and LTHR

Turbo Trainer throughout the winter can become a little dull (although I quite enjoy it!). So, to spice things up I’ve been following one of the TrainerRoad training plans. The plans themselves are OK, although by necessity they are a little generic. That’s fine at this time of year for me though as I’m only really doing...

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