Post Peak Slump

Team GB Top

Team GB Top

My Periodised Training Plan that I was working towards along with my coach seems to have worked well. I peaked for my race at the Big Cow Triathlon and managed to attain my goal of qualifying for the ITU Age-Group World Championships. I may have been there, done that and got the ‘T’-shirt (thermal top to be precise), however, I’m not feeling much like a ‘World Championship’ athlete at the moment, or an athlete of any description for that matter.

The problem with a peak is that it is just that, a peak. The build up towards it is good, you’re getting fitter and fitter and faster and faster so you feel on top of the world. You then rest a little so that you are fit, fast and fresh for your race and hit the peak at just the right moment. The trouble is, in order for the peak to be a peak, you have to come down the other side. You can’t keep your body at the top for long so there has to be a post-peak slump.

That’s exactly what I’m going through at the moment. I have been doing less training, I’ve  been lacking in motivation and my diet has slipped. I’ve put on a stone in weight over the past week and a half and feel pretty slow and lack lustre on any training sessions. It’s back to base level training for a while now to allow my body to rest and recover whilst maintaining some fitness, and then time to build it all back up and peak again in October for the race in Auckland.

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  1. mum says:

    could look happy in photo Al, not many get the opportunity to
    wear such a top!!but it looks good

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