An Active Sunday

Sunday was set to be fairly busy day. I started with my usual run and swim in Machynlleth. My training is stepping up a notch at the moment, with slightly less volume but a little more intensity as I move from Base Training into a Strength and Endurance Phase. That meant hill reps on my run this morning. It was supposed to be 4x 3 minute hills reps but I got a little carried away on the first one which ended up being around 5 ½ minutes. I decided to stick with that and did 4 of those instead. The hill was quite steep too so they were taking their toll by the end of it. After those I continued with a steady run to make it an 75 minute run in total.

It was then into the pool for 5x 600m which I did at a fairly easy pace to start with but knocked about 20 seconds off each rep. With the first one in 10:36 and the final one in 9:06

Morgan then joined me in the pool while Anna had a coffee in the cafe. Morgan did a bit of swimming and then we played around before he had a few goes on the slide. He had planned to do the Cerist Juniors training session which was a run session on the field, but he decided against it in the end. So, after I’d had a bacon sandwich and coffee in the cafe, Morgan and Anna headed home while I went to an INTRtri Committee meeting. Morgan did promise he would go for a run later though, but I was hoping he’d want to go mountain biking instead, especially as it was now looking lovely outside with the sun shining and the temperature up to 13.8ºC.

Once back at home Morgan wasn’t keen to go biking though. I however couldn’t resist it so set off for a really easy 20 mile spin.

I did promise Morgan he could run the boatyard loop with me though so when I got back from my bike ride I set him off on his own and said I’d catch him up on my Mountain Bike. I was quite surprised by how far he’d gone and I didn’t catch him until he was halfway along the beach at the estuary. He then continued on for a really good run, with an amazing sprint finish. He’s only done that distance (4.1km) once before in a time of 25:03, today he did it ion 24:25 which is pretty good going. Hopefully we’ll get him doing the Aberystwyth Park Run soon.

Anna had been cooking us up a lovely Sunday lunch whilst we were out as well, which was the perfect way to round off a busy day! frame>

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