A Summer Storm

I’m not sure if this is just a summer storm or if we’ve had summer and this is now autumn. It certainly feels fairly autumnal out there and the fact that I’ve been out for a windsurf on my wave board and 5m sail seems to confirm it.

I’m not complaining of course as it was a pretty good session, well powered up on small kit with decent winds and decent waves. It was shame there was no one else around but I guess it was mid week and fairly early in the day so that I could get in and out before the tide was on the pebbles.

I did manage to hurt my ribs / chest a little as well in a fairly violent coming together of body and boom in a big crash – All part of the fun I suppose but it’s pretty sore now.’m not the only one who’s been out either as there are plenty of people around the UK planning a session and a few are popping up in the Forces-of-Nature windsurf session diaries already – It’s good to see everyone getting out and having fun. I’m looking forward to ‘autumn proper’ now!

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  1. Alan says:

    Well, my ribs are still sore over two weeks after my crash. I did manage to go to circuits earlier in the week but when I tried swimming it was agony.

    I’m not sure if I’ve cracked / broken a rib or if they are just badly bruised, but they are slowly getting better.

    I even managed a windsurf session today, although I was a little cautious and very protective of my ribs in the crashes!

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