Winter Firsts

UK Snow Map

UK Snow Map

Well, we had our first sprinkling of snow for the winter last night. Only a tiny bit here and temperatures were down to -1.2ºC on the weather station. Morgan was unimpressed, but Anna and I are always excited by a bit of snow. There could be a bit more on the way as well.

If you want to see where it’s snowing right now, Ben Marsh has created a Twitter / Google Maps mashup that you can see here: UK Snow Map. It’s quite clever, people Tweet their postcode and the amount it is snowing and this gets added to the map in real time.

The other first for the winter is my first cold – Grrrr, I’ve got some kind of lurgy and not great timing with the house upside down, a carpet fitter coming to fit carpet today and lots to do. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get rid of the nasty little bugs soon enough.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

    Dave wrote: “No snow but -2 and frozen solid with us. See Shem had some more decent looking snow

    Yep, he’s that little bit further inland I guess. Of course we’re kept a fair bit warmer even than you thanks to the moderating effect of the sea. It should be fun in the hills tonight for the MTB ride, but I won’t be there thanks to the lurgy.


  2. Avatar forComment Author Tim Hollis says:

    Yup -see that BIG snow flake over Aberdeen … I can testify to the accuracy of that!

  3. Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

    Stephen wrote: “No snow here in Felixstowe but oh so’oooooooo cold 🙁 winter come very early this year !!! and get well soon :)”

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