An Early Spring?

We missed out on the recent snow here, but the forecast seems to suggest that when the high presure over us finally gives way and allows a low pressure system in from the west, the wet air from the Atlantic will hit the cold air currently sitting on top of the UK and we could be in for some snow on the West coast too – I hope so!

The garden plants don’t seem to be ready for snow though, in fact they seem to be getting prepared for Spring already. Everything seems to be bursting into life. Daffodils and Crocuses are pushing their way up through the sodden soil, Primroses and Hellebores are already in flower, the Marsh Marigolds are bursting forth and will soon be adding a splash of golden yellow to the bottom of the garden. Even some of the shrubs such as Spirea and Solanum have got some new leaves showing. If the snow does arrive I hope it doesn’t set them back too far.

The garden is still pretty wet though and flooded in a few places so I haven’t been able to get out there to tidy it up. As well as the flowers springing into life there are of course some weeds on their way too and lots of tufts of grass growing where they shouldn’t be so as soon as it dries out enough to walk on there’ll be plenty out there for me to do. I think the floods may have drowned a few of the plants but most things look as though they are doing well. Even the Cordyline which we thought we lost a couple of years ago is making a miraculous recovery.

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