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Let it Snow…

We didn’t get huge amounts of snow here, but it did start snowing quite heavily whilst Morgan and I were out Mountain Biking yesterday at Pendam. Once we’d finished biking and got into the car it came down really heavily again so Morgan took a quick video clip of the snowstorm as I drove along...

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Redwing 0

Snowy Birds

All the snow we’ve had recently has meant that there have been plenty of birds in the garden looking for shelter and food including Redwings and a Snipe. I couldn’t get close enough for a decent photo of either though, mainly because Morgan was chomping at the bit to get out and play in the snow so...

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Igloo in Ynyslas 0

An Igloo in Wales

I know I’ve already posted about it a couple of times but I still can’t get over the fact that we have a full-on igloo in the garden here in Wales. It makes me giggle every time I see it. It’s become a bit of a tourist attraction too as we’ve now had a number...

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Snow Fun 0

Snow Fun

Yet more from my GoPro camera whilst playing in the snow over the weekend – Certainly getting some use out of it and having fun creating little family movies.

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Laying the Foundations 0

A Garden Igloo

Just spent an excellent day building a full on igloo in the garden. Morgan and I started at around 9.30 this morning and were then joined by Dave and Sarah. I made blocks in a plastic flower planter and arranged them whilst Sarah was trapped inside smoothing off the inner walls. It is surprisingly good...

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