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Snow Again 4

The Beast from the East 2.0

Winter is back with a vengeance. Yesterday the strong easterly winds were back with winds above 40 knots all day long and gusts up to a massive 64.5 knots again. It was only just above freezing too with some snow flurries. My trip to North Wales was cancelled as it was likely to be too...

Signs in the Snow 0

Offa’s Dyke Path Run – Montgomery to Knighton

Offa’s Dyke Vital Stats Montgomery to Knighton Distance: 18.87 miles Elevation Gain Today: 1181m Highest Elevation: 433m Time: 3:44:43 Av. Pace: 11:54mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 132bpm Max Heart Rate: 162bpm Calories: 1088 Totals to Date Total Distance: 549.92 miles Total Time: 103:12:39 Total Elevation Gain: 16472 Total Calories: 50629 Distance to go: 80 miles I had to do...

Snowy Cordyline 1

Snowy Garden

Just a few photos of the garden and the golf course in the snow.

Snowfall on the beach 0

Surf Skiing in the Snow

That was a nice way to start the day. 0ºC and light snow as it got light, but virtually no wind and just a small swell on the sea. I had a surf ski training session planned so headed over to the beach as the snowfall intensified. Wearing just a 3/2mm wetsuit seemed a little...


Let it Snow…

We didn’t get huge amounts of snow here, but it did start snowing quite heavily whilst Morgan and I were out Mountain Biking yesterday at Pendam. Once we’d finished biking and got into the car it came down really heavily again so Morgan took a quick video clip of the snowstorm as I drove along...

Snowman 0

Today’s Snowman

Another day and another snowman – although the snow here at sea level is now beginning to disappear. Still loads in the hills though.

Redwing 0

Snowy Birds

All the snow we’ve had recently has meant that there have been plenty of birds in the garden looking for shelter and food including Redwings and a Snipe. I couldn’t get close enough for a decent photo of either though, mainly because Morgan was chomping at the bit to get out and play in the snow so...

Snowball fight! 0

More fun in the Snow

We had quite a bit more snow here last night so after breakfast there was nothing for it but to head out into the garden and then over to the beach and the golf course for a play in it.   All the fun and games was followed by a delicious ‘Epic Hot Chocolate’ complete...

Anyone for Snow-Golf? 0


Well, it’s nowhere near as bad as forecast but the snow is at last coming down and it’s beginning to settle too. Not loads yet but it is snowing heavily so we could have a snow day declared anytime soon.

A Snowy Sunrise in Wales 0

Xmas in Ynyslas

Just some nice photos of the snowy Xmas scenes from our back garden. Hope you like them, and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!