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I’ve just noticed that my Carbonite Backup is now up to 100GB. I started backing up to Carbonite in December 2009 and wrote Carbonite Review when I did so. At the time it was all quite new to me but I’ve updated the review with comments as I’ve gone along and all seems to be going well.

As you’ll see it took about 6 weeks for my initial backup to complete, not a failing on Carbonites part, just a slow upload speed on my internet connection and an initial back-up of 50GB. Since then I’ve been adding a few extra folders to the back-up list and of course creating new files and content that also gets uploaded automatically in the background for me. This means my total back up on the Carbonite servers has now reached 100GB. Luckily there is no limit to the size of your backup on Carbonite – Not bad for around £35 a year.

Carbonite Preference Pane

Carbonite Preference Pane

As with all backups, whether onsite of offsite, I do check it now and then to make sure it is all working fine. I like to check that things are where they should be, all files that I expect to be on the back-up are indedd on the back-up and that I can restore files from the back-up too. So far there have been no problems whatsoever.

For my peace of mind I occasionally pick a file at random from my hard drive then go looking for it on Carbonite and then download it from their servers just to make sure all is in order. I also take a quick look for files that are very new just to see how quickly they get backed up to the Carbonite servers. They always seem to be there when I look so the monitoring process is pretty good and things get updated straight away.

Overall I’m pretty impressed and have of course recommended it to friends, family and clients – I can get an extra month free for recommending people but always forget to do that, so if you want to sign up let me know and I’ll send you and invite that gets us both a free month!

Knowing that things are backed up where they should be and that I can get to them if needs be is always a nice feeling.

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