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Carbonite Problems and Backup Woes 2

Carbonite Problems and Backup Woes

Well, I have my new iMac all set up and running. Data Migration The migration procedure was fairly straight forward thanks to the fact that I have plenty of cloned backups courtesy of SuperDuper!. I simply started up the new iMac and used Apple’s built in set-up assistant to transfer my data from a cloned...

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Carbonite Backup Issues – Check Your Back-ups 0

Carbonite Backup Issues – Check Your Back-ups

I’ve been using Carbonite as an online backup solution for a couple of years now and wrote a review of Carbonite back in 2009. All has been working well with it, to the extent that I had virtually forgotten about it. Whenever my computer is switched on and connected to the internet, it just automatically...

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Carbonite 0

Carbonite Back up reaches 100GB

I’ve just noticed that my Carbonite Backup is now up to 100GB. I started backing up to Carbonite in December 2009 and wrote Carbonite Review when I did so. At the time it was all quite new to me but I’ve updated the review with comments as I’ve gone along and all seems to be...

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Carbonite – Offsite Backup Review

One of the compelling reasons for upgrading my computer was that my old one didn’t work with any of the offsite ‘cloud’ backup systems out there. Onsite Backups I’m a bit paranoid and go over the top with backups, but you can never be too careful. I have several onsite backups on external firewire drives...

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