Improving Running Pace

My run training technique of ‘doing very little running’ seems to be working still!

I would have thought that i’d need to do somewhere around 2-4 runs per week to see any improvement in my spee. I’ve only been doing that per month but still I seem to be getting better.

I’ve just got back from doing an hour on the Turbo Trainer followed by a run around my ‘Bird Hide Loop’ course. My previous personal best for this 4.8 mile course was 34:54 set just over a month ago. At the time I was pleased with that and even said:

“It’s going to start getting hard to beat that time for me now”

Well, that was nonsense as I smashed it today with a time of 33:07. It still isn’t going to break any records but with an average pace of 6:54 per mile I’m quite pleased with that time. Especially as I hadn’t managed to go under the 7 min/mile pace even on a short run since I started running again recently.

So, that’s my new PB for the course, it has almost inspired me to try to do some more running to build on these improvements, but at the moment doing a run less than once a week seems to be working! I guess I’ll have to try to get that down below 33 minutes now.

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