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Grey Herons 0

Springwatch Webcams at Ynyshir

Springwatch starts tonight on the BBC. As mentioned elsewhere in this blog, this year (and for the next couple of years at least) they are coming live from Ynyshir RSPB Nature reserve in the Dyfi Valley, just up the road from us here in West Wales. It’s the perfect place for them with stunning scenery,...

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Morgan eating Wood Sorrel 1

Springwatch & Food Foaging at Ynyshir RSPB

There’s lots going on at Ynyshir RSPB reserve at the moment. Spring Watch will be coming from there in a couple of weeks so it is all go getting things ready for the production. A studio is being set up overlooking the lake and various nest boxes are being modified to accept cameras – I...

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The Dyfi Valley from RSPB Ynyshir 0

A Winter Walk

The glorious cold, but sunny weather is back and I finally managed to get everyone out of the house for a little walk at the Ynyshir RSPB reserve. Morgan took some persuading as he seems to be addicted to ‘Club Penguin’ on the computer at the moment, but in the end the thought of taking...

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Not this way you don't 1

RSPB Feed The Birds day & Geocaching

Morgan and I have just got back from RSPB Ynyshir where we made a bird feeder for ‘Feed The Birds Day’ and did a Scavenger Hunt. The bird feeder was a simple upside-down paper cup with suet, mealworms and sunflower seeds. For the scavenger hunt we had 30 minutes to find the following: A feather...

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Great Tit 1

Feed the Birds Day

It’s ‘Feed the Birds Day’ on Saturday 30th October. Organised by the RSPB, Feed the Birds Day is supposed to remind us about all the things we can do to help birds and other garden wildlife through the winter. The RSPB are running lots of Feed the Birds Day events across the UK, which includes an event at our...

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Tardy Bears Picnic 1

Tardy Bears Picnic

After our meeting of the Ceredigion Moth Group on Saturday morning Morgan and I headed back down to sea level and collected Anna and a friend of Morgan’s called Lotti and we all headed off to the RSPB reserve at Ynyshir where we were booked in for a Teddy Bears Picnic – or as it...

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The Birds and the Bees – And Moths too 0

The Birds and the Bees – And Moths too

Looks as though we’re going to be having another naturalists weekend this weekend. First there’s a meeting of the Ceredigion Moth Group so I have to set my moth trap up on Friday night and then go back to it for an early morning meeting with the other members and go through the contents of...

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Butterflies Flutterby

We seem to be spending quite a bit of time at Ynyshir RSPB Nature reserve at the moment. Yesterday was ‘Butterflies Flutter By’ walk, once again led by Caroline who was standing in for the butterfly expert. It was a hot sunny day and we did see a few butterflies but not as many as...

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