Courgette Fritters

Our courgette glut continues and we seem to have been eating courgettes everyday – I hope they’re good for us!

As well as courgettes in almost every dish you can think of we’ve had nice courgette salads, courgette ratatouille, roasted courgettes, courgette cake and chocolate courgette cake and now we’ve tried ‘courgette fritters’ ala Jamie Oliver. At least, they were supposed to be courgette fritters but really it ended up being more of a courgette spanish omelete.

We chopped the courgettes up into matchstick sized pieces and added egg yolks, pepper, flour, chilli, mint and lemon zest to it and then scrunched it all up. It was supposed to bond together a bit and then we were supposed to blend a whipped egg white into it. We couldn’t get it to stick together very well with or without the egg white so added extra egg and popped it all in a frying pan and sprinkled cumin on it.

Rather than getting individual fritters that looked a little like onion bhajis we got a large courgettey spanish omelette but it tasted the same, was easier to handle and did at least use up a few of our courgettes. Another successful courgette dish that went down well.

Just a little warning to the friends and family we are visiting soon – Expect us to come bearing gifts in the shape of fresh, garden grown courgettes!

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