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Fun Facing your Fears of Failure 1

Fun Facing your Fears of Failure

I think one of the reasons that many people don’t do things such as triathlons is that they have a fear of failure. It’s hard to get motivated at the best of times, but if on top of that you think you won’t be able to do it then for many people there just isn’t...

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A Brutal New Course Record 1

A Brutal New Course Record

Wow, that was quite a run, I was smashing records all over the place. Wednesday morning seems to be my day for a long hilly run. Not that long in comparison to what some people do, but long enough for me. As the nearest hills are about 4 miles from here, I tend to drive...

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A New PB – and it hurt! 0

A New PB – and it hurt!

After a fairly lack lustre bike and run session on Thursday evening and then a similarly poor turbo trainer session on Friday I wasn’t really looking forward to a hard bike session followed immediately by a hard run on Saturday. I was coming to the end of a hard week of training, my achilles was...

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New Shoes, New Strategy and a New PB

You’ve probably already read that I had a good race in the Pwllheli Triathlon on Sunday. I’ve now had chance to look through my data and I’m quite pleased with my run in particular. I know you really shouldn’t try new things in a race, especially something such as new shoes, but that is what...

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INTR Tri Talybont Time Trial 0

INTR Tri Talybont Time Trial

The triathlon club that I’m a member of organise several training events each week, one of them being an occasional, informal time trial around the Borth Loop. I decided to join in with this last night. It was the first time I’d done it and it is very informal. There were only five of us, Alison,...

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Consistency 3

Consistent riding on my new bike

Since getting my new Scott Addict bike just over a week ago I haven’t yet really got to grips with it. Any rides that I’ve done around a known course have all been slower than I’d done previously. I knew it wasn’t the bike, so it had to be either me, or the set-up, or...

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Running at Race Pace 0

Running at Race Pace

I don’t know about Anna’s walking the world, but I’ve been trying to do a bit more running lately. I still don’t do much, but rather than getting out once a week I’ve been trying to increase this to 2-3 times per week. Trouble is I seem to be getting slower each tim I go...

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New Running Routes 2

New Running Routes

I think I need some new running routes. The ones I do are OK and doing the same route now and then to gauge your progress (or lack of as the case might be) is always a good thing, but doing the same route all the time is not only a little boring, but hard...

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