Hill Reps

A part of my training my ‘coach’ has prescribed some hill reps to spice up my running and help build some strength.

I was quite looking forward to them really as it all helps add some variety to the training sessions and gives me a bit of a challenge. They were supposed to be 75 second hill climbs, followed by a recovery back to where I started and I was supposed to do 10 of them. So, today I drove into Borth and then took a nice steady run up to the first gate on the coast path. I had decided to use the steep hill on the coast path from the gate to the war memorial as my hill climb but wasn’t sure how long it would take and if it would be suitable.

It turned out to be perfect as the first climb took 73 seconds so the distance was spot on. I did get that down to about 70 seconds on the 2nd rep, but by the time I got to rep number 4 things were staring to hurt. Reps 6, 7 and 8 all took around 80 seconds so I had slowed down a little but I just about managed to bring it back down to 75 secs for rep 9 and 71 secs for the final climb.

The heart rate and topography graph look pretty cool though.

Hill Reps

Hill Reps

I kind of enjoyed them, but I’m also glad that it’s a few weeks before I have to do them again!

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