Summertime in Wales

The sunshine really does make things nicer. Borth and Ynyslas are nice all the time, even when it’s blowing a gale and pouring with rain it has a certain, exposed charm all of its own, but when the sun is out and ‘the living is easy’ it can’t be beat.

These last few days have been hot, still and sunny so I’ve slipped back into my usual routine. Up early (4am at times) to do some work while its dark, then outside all day before doing some more work once Morgan has gone to bed. I don’t actually have much work on at the moment either so there’s even more time for playing than usual. I am however building a new website for the triathlon club so that has kept me busy and I’m working hard on the 2010 edition of out weblog book..

A lovely morning swim

A lovely morning swim

After an early start yesterday I went for a lovely, easy open water swim in the estuary with Graham and Sharon. Just cruising along through the murky waters with the sun bearing down on us and glorious views of the Dyfi Estuary from a perspective that few ever see it from. Coffee, Jaffa Cakes and a chat in the garden was followed by a wander across to the beach to check the surf.

The surf was OK, but the lawn needed mowing too so I set abut that first. There’s something strangely satisfying about a well mowed lawn and it sets off the rest of the garden which is looking OK for the time of year. Mind you, mowing the apiary area of the garden was a bit hot and sticky. The bees were fine, but I wear my protective bee suit anyway whilst doing it. Not ideal attire whilst man-handling a lawn mower in 25°C under the blazing sun – We’re not used to such things in this part of the world.

Next up was a surf off the seafront. The waves weren’t quite as good as yesterday as they were lacking in speed and power but I still caught plenty and had some decent rides and just being out there in the sunshine is an event in itself.

Morgan came home from school so we quickly got him into his wetsuit too and took him over for a surf. He’s getting much better now, he’s really confident in the waves and quite happy paddling the board too. His paddling technique looks really good even if it doesn’t actually get him far at the moment. He’s also able to catch the waves on his own and ride them back in. He’ll soon be out there showing me how to do it.

Morgan didn’t have long out there though as he had to go to Beavers where they were playing wide games in the dunes here. Anna was off playing in a concert for the evening so after collecting Morgan and putting him to bed I did a little more work and finally eased down for the day ready for more of the same tomorrow.

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