Do as the Doctor Says

Such much for keeping fit and healthy! Since I started trying to get a little fitter again I seem to have spent more time at the doctors surgery than ever before. In addition, every time I go to the doctors I seem to be told not to do some sort of exercise.

Last year I had a couple of visits to the cardiac unit and was told to refrain from anything too strenuous for a few months. So far this year I’ve had an ear infection and have been told not to go swimming. The ear infection has apparently been brought on by Surfer’s Ear.

The narrowing of my ear canal due to Surfer’s Ear means that it is no longer as good at ‘self-cleaning’ and ‘self-drying’ as it should be making it susceptible to infections.

Despite antibiotics, ear drops and refraining from swimming the infection still hasn’t cleared up. I’m therefore continuing with the ear drops and have been told to avoid getting it too wet. I might try swimming with blu-tack in my ear soon though!  I’ve also been referred to an ENT specialist to see if anything needs to be done about my Surfer’s Ear. I don’t think I’ll let them go down the surgery route yet though. This is the first infection I’ve had and although it is proving fairly stubborn, I don’t think I should jump into the surgery option straight away. Obvisouly if I keep getting infections then that will change.

In the meantime how is a man supposed to get fit if everytime he visits the doctor he gets told not to swim or run or ride a bike etc.!

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  1. Andrew says:

    It’s your age Al, it’s all downhill from here. 😉 When’s your birthday, I’ll get you one of these

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