A sunny Bank Holiday!

I know it makes a change, but we’ve just had a lovely sunny bank Holiday weekend… One to make a note of as it usually rains on bank holidays! What’s more, we had visitors and had the day off so managed to enjoy the weather as well.

My parents arrived early Sunday afternoon, with my niece Kia and nephew Shaun, so we had a full house. After a BBQ in the garden which went well, we headed across to the beach for a walk. Morgan was on his bike as he wanted to show off his bike-riding skills! After a bit of bike-riding we ended up on the sands and before we knew it the children were getting wet and very sandy!

Monday dawned bright and sunny too so once again, after eggs and bacon for breakfast, it was off to the beach, this time with a wheel-barrow loaded up with stuff ready for a full day there. There was even a little bit of surf so I had a quick surf session before taking Shaun and Kia out in the inflatable canoe. Shaun was a little reluctant to go too far, but Kia seemed to enjoy it, even if I did make sure she got a soaking in the waves!

We played on the beach and in the dunes for a bit more, but by lunchtime it had clouded over so we headed back for lunch and then played in the garden. I set up a hammock between two trees which the children liked and we did a bit of gardening too.

Unfortunately Anna and I are back to work today (Tuesday), but my parents are here for a couple more days so Morgan will be kept fully entertainedf and will have Kia and Shaun to play with too. Shame Anna and I can’t join them.

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