Inflatable Canoe – Sevylor Panama

Our latest ‘toy’ is an inflatable canoe that we bought from the unlikely source of Lidl in Aberystwyth.

Sevylor Inflatable Canoe

Inflatable Canoe

It is a two man inflatable canoe, although we can get the three of us in it fairly comfortably and it comes complete with seats and various storage compartments. The inner is your normal plastic rubber dinghy style material then it is all covered in a (hopefully) hard-wearing PVC fabric. It doesn;t take too long to inflate. There are two main side chambers, a hull chamber and two little chambers that act as cushions for you to sit on. The seats then buckle in using webbing straps and you are ready to go.

We’ve wanted a canoe for a while now, but a big open Canadian Canoe was just a little to difficult to transport, store and carry to the beach. We’ve looked at solid plastic sit on tops and such like too but again storage and transport was a problem. The inflatable option seemed the best way to go as it all packs up into an easy to carry bag and will hopefully mean we can take it to the beach or elsewhere with ease and will therefore actually use it more.

I’ve been out for a test run in it. I pumped it up and carried it across to the beach which was probably a mistake as it then catches the wind and makes carryin it a little difficult. next time I think I’ll pump it up on the beach. I then headed out to sea from Ynyslas and out to the Aberdovey Bar. From here I weaved my way through the sandbanks and acros to Aberdovey where I stopped for a little picnic. I then paddled along the coast to Graveyards, out to the Aberdovey Buoy and back across to Ynyslas where I played around in the small surf for bit. All seemed to go well. It was fairly slow going into the wind but the boat was super stable and fairly easy to paddle. It will however be best suited to calm days or protected rivers, lakes and estuaries.

Now I can’t wait to go out for a family outing in it. Who knows we may go on camping trips up the Dovey before long.

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  1. Daniel says:

    This canoe looks fantastic to me. I have the yellow Tahiti classic. Its pretty cool but this one looks much more high class to me and tougher maybe.

  2. Neil says:

    Thanks for the post. Could I ask how much you paid for it? Is it easy enough to paddle with just one person?

  3. Alan says:

    If we get our heatwave then this will get lots of use this summer… Can’t wait!!


  4. Alan says:

    Not quite a heatwave, but we did have a sunny Bank Holiday so managed to use the canoe yesterday.

    It is good fun and practical too.

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