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Fun in the Canoe 0

Fun in the Canoe

With half of the Cole Clan visiting for the week, it would have been rude not to have some fun on the beach. OK, the sun wasn’t exactly shining, but it was warm and the sea was calling. Ryder in particular wanted to go in the canoe as I think did Max so it was...

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Canoe Outfitting 1

Outfitting our Canoe

We haven’t been out in our home-made canoe yet this year. Probably a number of reason for this but the main ones are: It’s not going to be easy to man-handle onto and off the roof rack of our camper. I’ve been wanting to add some buoyancy to it for the sake of safety. Although...

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Canoeing in Cwm Rheidol

What a perfect evening that was for a canoeing and kayaking session in Cwm Rheidol. The usual suspects were there from Aber Kayakers to take the Scouts and Cubs out on the water whilst the Beavers went for a walk around the lakes. We took our self-built canoe along for an outing too which got...

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Mud 3

Fingers Crossed for our Maiden Canoe Voyage

We’d been chomping at the bit to get out in our new self-built canoe, that (for obvious reasons) we had christened ‘Fingers Crossed’ Since getting it home I;d given it a few more coats of varnish and it was now ready to go. The weather was set fair yesterday so a plan was made for...

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Canoe Building Workshop

As you know from the day by day account of our Lake District holiday, we’ve recently spent a few days on a canoe building workshop. I managed to capture some timelapse photos of the canoe building workshop while we were there so though I’d share it here, along with some info about the workshop as we...

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Morgan on a saw horse 0

Lake District – Penrith

After our walk up Place Fell yesterday we had a slower start to the day today. I left the cottage just after 8am leaving Anna and Morgan in bed and walked into Great Strickland and on to the canoe workshop. It was a nice little 45 minute walk that will have earned me some Bounts...

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