Getting fit is bad for you!

I thought getting fit was supposed to be good for you, but it only seems to hurt!

Running on the roads hurts my knees, running on the sand hurts my Achilles tendons.

Run along the beachI went for a nice run yesterday along the beach. Nothing too strenuous as I was trying to keep my heart rate down so my pace was a really slow 9 minutes per mile and I only ran 5 miles. The tide was low so the GPS generated map (left) made it look as though I was swimming rather than running, (in which case 9 mins/mile would have been good!) All felt good though and I enjoyed the run itself, but as soon as I stopped I developed a pain in my groin… Seems as though I now have some sort of groin strain which has now prevented me from going windsurfing today, depsite the fact that there has been a perfect wind all day and the sun has been shining.

On top of this, the running has caused chaffing in places you don’t want to know about and I even have a mild case of runners nipple! I think I shall have a few days off before doing some nice easy short runs again.

I haven’t lost any weight either as it makes me hungry and there’s nothing better than a BIG bar of chocolate after a physical workout!

It isn’t all bad though as I’ve been enjoying it and I think the fresh air each day does me good, and those endorphins must be having an effect on my overall sense of well-being.

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  1. jamesq says:

    Loving it! This is how I feel when I run! Knees, hips and nipple, I’ve never trained long enough to know if it gets any easier though…. Joggers nipple usually ends it for me.

  2. Alan says:

    Don’t worry James, I’ll fight the pain just for you.. All in the name of science of course..


  3. BikeLover says:

    The pain that you feel can probably be from the 5 mile run that you took. I mean do you do that everyday? If not, then I think my theory is right.

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