A Night Away

I’m not sure if this is a thing to ‘celebrate’ or not, but Monday was 1 year since my heart attack. I guess it’s good that I’m still here 1 year later, but celebrating the actual event seems a little weird. It has of course changed almost everything for me but I’ve been recovering and have slowly getting back to doing the things I always did previously. So, to mark the 1 year anniversary Anna and I decided to have a nice meal out and a night away.

We didn’t go far, just a short 45 minute drive to the Cross Foxes near Dolgellau. Anna was playing in the Aberystwyth Silver Band at the Aberystwyth Show on Saturday.

Aberystwyth Show

I had planned to go windsurfing while she was doing that, but the fact that I’d ended up in A&E earlier in the week meant that I thought better of it. Instead I had a chilled day at home and did some cleaning, tidying and gardening. Once Anna was home we headed off in the car to the Cross Foxes. We checked in and headed to our room.

Oooh, Posh!

As it was a bit of a last minute decision there weren’t any ‘rooms’ available when I made the booking. There was a suite though called Cadair, so I’d booked that. This meant we were treating to a larger, more upmarket room than usual. It was very nice too with a huge bed and a massive sofa too.

Dinner wasn’t until 7:30pm so we headed out for a little stroll. We didn’t really end up anywhere in particular but it was a nice day to be outside in the fresh air with views of Cadair Idris and Snowdonia all around.


Back at the hotel we chilled for a little longer and then headed down for a delicious dinner. Steak and Ale pie for Anna, Lamb burger for me, followed of course by a dessert.

I was then able to watch the Grand Prix qualifying from the comfort of a sofa whilst sat under the moon! OK, it’s actually the lampshade but I couldn’t resist a photo of it anyway as it was supposed to look a little moonlike.

The Moon?

Running in the hills

After a comfortable nights sleep I headed out for an early morning jog. I was aiming for the summit of Cribyn Fawr. Not for any reason in particular but it would have been nice to have bagged the summit on https://summitbag.com/. However, after about 40 minutes of jogging and walking up the hill it was clear that the summit was still a little way off. Anna would be wondering where I was so I turned back and jogged back down.

It was nice to be out in the hills on my own though, even if I didn’t quite make the summit. It’ll be there for another day so I’ll have to return soon. I didn’t see a single person of course. I was accompanied by the call of a cuckoo though. That’s the fourth I’ve heard in different places this year, including one at home in Ynyslas. It must be a good year for cuckoos. Back at the hotel the front door was locked so I had to get Anna to let me in!

Torrent Walk

After a hearty breakfast and plenty of coffee we drove the short distance to Brithdir and headed out for a stroll around the Torrent Walk.

Breakfast Choices
Breakfast Choices

The Torrent Walk follows a gorge down one side of the Clywedog River through some impressive trees into a tiny little hamlet with a few lovely cottages. How cool must it be to have such a river at the bottom of your garden.

The walk then took us back into the woodland and back up the other side of the river past the waterfalls from which the walk gets it name.

After a morning stroll we took the scenic route home, stopping off in Dinas Mawddwy to visit the garden centre and the Mill. Back at home it was still sunny and still windy but the bees needed some attention so I still didn’t get out for a windsurf. Just a quick trip really for a night away together. Not the cheapest night away but it’s good to be out doing things together.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Sounds a nice relaxing time together …well apart from maybe waking Anna up to let you in to the hotel x

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