High Heart Rate

Running on the beachI’ve been doing well with my attempt to get a little fitter, or at least slow down the decline brought on my increasing age! I went for another run yesterday with my Garmin Forerunner 305. I had planned to take it relatively easy and keep my heart rate at around 150bpm, but as usual, the first few minutes of the run saw my heart rate go mad. This time it hit a maximum of 196bpm, much higher than my theroretical maximum of around 183bpm.

I haven’t decided why this is yet, I wasn’t running that hard, in fact I was taking easy, and I have a feeling it may be due to a poor connection between the sensor and my skin. After a couple of minutes (once I have worked up a bit of a sweat and the connection becomes better) everything settles down and my heart rate seems more normal… It could also be due to some interference from something as so far I’ve been running along the same route so this peak happens at about the same place each time.

It could of courseĀ  be nothing to do with the technology itself, which seems perfect the rest of the time. It could be that the technology is recording things accurately and I’m a freak of nature!

I shall have to try another run on a different route soon and make sure the connection between the sensor and my skin is good before staring off.

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