Springwatch & Food Foaging at Ynyshir RSPB

Morgan eating Wood Sorrel

Morgan eating Wood Sorrel

There’s lots going on at Ynyshir RSPB reserve at the moment. Spring Watch will be coming from there in a couple of weeks so it is all go getting things ready for the production. A studio is being set up overlooking the lake and various nest boxes are being modified to accept cameras – I just hope there’s some Spring left by the time it comes around as things seem to be moving on at quite a pace at the moment. Tune in to BBC Two at 8pm from May 30th, when Chris, Kate and Martin will be discovering the best that welsh wildlife has to offer.

Better still, get there yourself and experience it first hand, there’s always plenty to do and see, with workshops, kids activities throughout the half term and of course wildlife galore.

We went for a walk at Ynyshir yesterday along with Briony, the community liaison office there looking for wild food. There was plenty about, Wood Sorrel, Sheep Sorrel, Nettles, Pig Nuts, we even ate some young Beech leaves. Morgan even tried it all which was good and he seemed to quite like the wood sorrel.

Ynyshir Boardwalk

Ynyshir Boardwalk

I doubt the presenters of Spring Watch will be eating much wild food – unless it’s lovingly prepared by the chefs at Ynyshir Hall, but I’m sure they will have plenty to talk about from Ynyshir. I’m sure they’ll also have to mention the Ospreys which are nesting this year at the Dyfi Osprey Project. They have eggs and these are likely to hatch during the Spring Watch programme, so I’m sure there will be some excitement when that happens. Although the Ospreys (Monty and Nora) had some unwanted excitement of a different kind this week when a couple of people trespassed onto the railway line nearby. No one is sure what they were up to but they were taking far too much interest in the nest and were quickly apprehended by the Police. It did mean the Ospreys left the nest for half an hour or so, not a problem for the incubation of the eggs, but it would have been the end of the project for another year had an opportunistic gull been passing and decided to feast on them.


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