The Birds and the Bees – And Moths too

Looks as though we’re going to be having another naturalists weekend this weekend.

First there’s a meeting of the Ceredigion Moth Group so I have to set my moth trap up on Friday night and then go back to it for an early morning meeting with the other members and go through the contents of the trap. If you trap moths or want to start trapping moths then let me know and feel free to join us.

A few other members will be setting traps too and I’m sure they’ll hang around for a while for tea and cakes.  I’ll miss out on that though as I’m going to have to rush off after investigating the trap contents as I’ve promised to take Morgan to Teddy Bears Picnic at RSPB Ynyshir. I’m not sure exactly what’s happening there but as RSPB members we’ve been making the most of the events at Ynyshr lately and Morgan seems to look forward to them.

Then on Sunday we’re all off to a meeting of the Aberystwyth Beekeepers Association – At the moment the weather isn’t looking too good for Sunday, but hopefully that will change by the time the weekend comes around. Hopefully we’ll be able to borrow bee suits and such like again and inspect some hives. We’ve yet to get our own hives, but will do ready for next year. We might even buy ourselves some bee-suits soon so that we can attend the meetings without having to borrow someone elses.

Sounds like we have a good weekend lined up – I’ll have to find some time to ride my bike as well.

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