A Walk around Ynyslas

It seems like ages since we’ve seen the sun, but it made a brief appearance here on Sunday so we went for as little walk around Ynyslas.

Christmas Treats for the Bees

I’d already been out for an early morning bike ride and a swim and then had come home, done loads of chores and had even popped out to feed the bees. Since wrapping them up for winter we hadn’t really had chance to do anything with the bees, but I’m pleased to say that all four hives had bees in them still and they were all fairly lively and seemed pleased with the fondant I gave them. After decorating our Santa Christmas Cake with icing the other day it only seemed fair to give the bees a Christmas treat as well. The warm, and very wet weather we’ve been having recently probably hasn’t done them any favours though as they will have been fairly active and therefore will have been busily eating their way through their stores. Hopefully the fondant I gave them on Sunday will be just what they needed.

A Walk around Ynyslas

Dave and Sarah then came over and we all headed out into the sunshine for what was planned to be a walk along the Leri. We started crossing the field and as we did so, the heavens opened and it started absolutely pouring with rain, coupled with a strong wind too. We weren’t really ready for this, Anna and I were wearing jeans, Morgan had shorts on and we were soon all thoroughly soaked. Morgan wanted to turn back and go home, but by the end of the field it had at least stopped raining. It wasn’t comfortable in soaking wet clothes but we decided to at least have a little walk around Ynyslas.

So, instead of heading off towards the Leri and into Borth we turned left past the boat yard and headed off towards the estuary. The sun was shining again and after a while Morgan started his usual by trying to play ‘games’ as we walked. Today’s choice was guessing countries based on their first and last letters. At least it kept our minds off the wet clothing.

Games, DVD’s and Dinner

The walk didn’t take long and we were soon back at home where we could take off our wet, muddy boots,  get into some dry clothes and have a coffee and some sweets. We had a stew cooking away in the slow cooker, but as our walk was shorter than planned it wasn’t time for dinner yet. We did try watching Star Wars on a DVD that Andrew had let us borrow, but discovered that maybe our DVD player wasn’t multi-region after all, so in the end we ended up giving in to Morgan and playing first Rummikub and then Trivial Pursuit. A nice relaxing Sunday, a nice little walk around Ynyslas and a chance to catch up with Dave and Sarah.

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