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Andromeda 3

Andromeda through my Meade 15mm Eyepiece

Christmas may only be a distant memory now, and my birthday was a couple of weeks before that, but one of my birthday presents was a Meade 15mm eyepiece for my Skywatcher 130 telescope. I have briefly used it once or twice since then but Sunday night was the first time I got to use it properly. This isn’t...

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Out with the night time toys – Viewing Saturn 3

Out with the night time toys – Viewing Saturn

At last, the rain has stopped, the murk has cleared and we had a relatively clear night in store. I mowed the lawn so was already one step ahead this weekend and I was able to get out the night-time toys – namely the telescope and moth trap. Not at the same time of course as...

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Jupiter 2

Star Gazing in Wales with Morgan

At last, we’ve had a couple of clear nights, the first since Xmas, so we’ve been able to get our new telescope out. Anna was out rehearsing and doing the pantomime with the Scouts, so it was just Morgan and me. We set the scope up under clear skies, but on the first day night it wasn’t...

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T-Mount for Canon EOS Camera 20

Using an SLR with a Skywatcher Explorer 130M Telescope

I’m really keen to take some photos through our new telescope. I knew this wouldn’t be easy. The world of astro-photography is complex with many diverse techniques that need to be learnt, practised and perfected. Some of the photos you can achieve are truly outstanding, but I think it will be many years before we...

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Skywatcher Telescope 5

Choosing and Buying a Telescope

Amazon.co.uk Widgets Anna’s Mum bought Morgan and I a telescope for Christmas. I did of course have quite a bit of input into which one to get, and choosing a suitable telescope isn’t as easy as it might sound, so I thought I’d share some of my research here. The Factors to take into consideration....

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Telescope 1

Enough with the Mist, Murk and Miserable Weather

I think it may be our fault. Since Christmas there seems to have been nothing but mist, murk and miserable weather. We’re used to that here in Wales but it has been pretty bad. We’ve barely been able to se Aberdovey across the river, let alone out to the hills and we’ve had no chance...

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