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Maximising Time on the Wave 1

Maximising Time on the Wave

I’m all about maximising Time on the Wave (TOW). Usually TOW stands for Time on Water and you all know that I already do that. Surfing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Swimming, Kayaking, Surf Skiing, Canoeing, Stand-up-Paddle boarding have all got me out on the water as much as I possibly can whatever the weather. The conditions are...

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Mini Castle 1

Paddle, Pedal, Paddle

Another weekend away in Ramsey our Campervan for me. Although it was quite a wrench to tear me away from Ynyslas on Saturday morning. I had arranged to meet Mark in Colwyn Bay, but before I left I wandered over to the beach in the early morning sunshine. The skies were blue with the sun...

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Airborne 0

Ski & Surf

I finally got Morgan out in the surf again yesterday. Time to try out his new wetsuit, new gloves, new boots, new hood and new surfboard. It was a little bigger out there than it looks from the video and the GoPro angle is a bit off but I still got some footage, including a...

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Windermere Boats 3


My home for the night was a quiet road in Windermere, along with a few other camper vans. I soon settled down to sleep in the van after a busy day in The Lakes. The following morning I was up early and in search of a toilet. Despite the fact that there were loads of public...

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Misty Ullswater 1


Well, just after getting settled in the van it started raining. The constant hammering on the roof kept me awake all night. Oh well, not much I can do about that. I was therefore up early, had a pot porridge and coffee and set off towards Ullswater. My route took me up an aptly named...

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Hill Reps 0

After the Storm

After the crazy few days of weather thanks to Storm Emma with a healthy helping hand from Ivor, things finally quietened down on Sunday. There was still plenty of snow lying around here and there even at sea level and plenty more in the hills, but the destruction caused by the storm was clear. Storm...

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