Chilly Waves

Brrrr, it feels as though winter is here. 4ºC pretty much all day long with a cold SE wind as well. There was snow on the hills when we got up and the sun didn’t ever get too high in the sky.

I had a day off work thanks to a few hours annual leave that needed using up before the end of the year. I was going to run along the coast path but after a tiring day yesterday I decided a rest day would be better for me. I had some work to do on the fish tank as well so a day at home was planned instead. What I hadn’t planned on was a nice little swell rolling into the beach. There was only one thing for it. I’d have to roll on my wetsuit get my surf ski and go for a play in the waves.

It was definitely a little chilly out there and the strong SE wind did make it a little difficult to pick up speed onto a wave at times. There would then tend to be a splatter of cold spray into my face whilst riding the waves, but it was all worth it. Wave after wave breaking perfectly for some lovely rides. The wave count was high as usual in such conditions. Paddle out, catch a wave and repeat, wave after wave.

Here are some snaps and some video footage of todays daily fix of waves.

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