Nice Long Waves

I was half planning on going to Colwyn Bay today to take part in the North Wales Surf Ski Series Time Trial. It’s quite a drive and I can’t really afford the diesel so instead I stayed at home and caught some nice long rides here. It has to be said when given these options:

  • 2x 2 hour long drives for two 30 minute 5km time trials on flat water
  • 2x 2 minute walks for an hour or so playing in the waves

It’s not really too difficult to choose. Admittedly the time trials in Colwyn Bay would probably be better training and it would be a chance to be sociable. On the other hand, it saved be a fair bit of money, the wave session was probably a fairly good workout in itself, and being sociable would ruin my ‘grumpy old man’ reputation!

I also had time to go for a run and swim before getting out on my surf ski. I had a chat with John, Owain and Bedwyr who I hadn’t seen for a while, and had bacon sandwiches and coffee with Anna and Morgan. Yes, the Time Trials would have been good, but I just can’t do it all.

Surf Ski Waves

The waves here at Ynyslas were perfect for a surf ski too. Nice and mellow so nothing too scary and some decent rides. Wave of the day today was 371m in length and I was riding it for 1 min 20 seconds… Not a bad wave seeing as it wasn’t huge out there.

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