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Group Photo on the Cantilever Stone 1

Terrific Tryfan

After failed attempts at the summit of Tryfan, most notably for my birthday in 2015, I finally made it to the top on Saturday. The¬†Last time I attempted Tryfan the weather was the worst I’ve ever seen it in Snowdonia. That’s saying something too as Snowdonia isn’t renowned for it’s sunny climes. It was as...

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Wild but Fun 2

Walking in the Rain in Snowdonia

Walking in the rain in Snowdonia is one thing, but the conditions yesterday were ridiculous! It was my birthday on Friday so rather than just go out for drinks or a meal, or as we usually do just stay at home and do nothing, I came up with the idea of getting a few friends together...

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Snowdonia Enduro 2009

Following my recent flu and health problems, I’m not quite up to any Mountain Bike racing at the moment, but I’ve been enjoying my photography and quite fancy having a go at taking photos of a MTB event sometime soon. I guess now is the perfect opportunity as I can’t ride myself so I could...

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