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Feels Like Records Temperatures 0

Ynyslas Weather Records Tumble

Well, the meeting of ‘The Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma were certainly a potent combination. Along with some input from out local katabatic wind Ivor, it led to some new weather records recorded by the Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station here. First to fall was the ‘Feels Like’ temperature which hit a low...

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Anna the Rambler 2

Fun in the Sun

The school holidays are on  their way, but with a sudden change in the weather it was hot and sunny on Monday so we had to make the most of it. After school it was straight to the beach for some fun in the sun. Fun in the Sun Let us hope this weather continues...

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Family Selfie 3

A Record Breaking, Record Breaking Day of Geocaching

Phew, I’ve think we’ve broken more geocaching records than ever in a single day today! Most caches in a single day Most caches in a month Most caches in a year Geostreak and a 500 cache milestone too This was all down to the Loop the loop series in the hills above Llywngwril by ‘Puffing...

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Igneous Dyke 0

Geocaching Record Attempts and an Icy Run

Sunday was the final full day of our trip to the Isle of Man and we had several geocaching records that we could try to beat. Number of caches in a day – current record = 15 Number of consecutive days with finds – current record = 6 Most finds in a month – current...

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Hive Record Card 9

Beekeeping – Hive Records

An important aspect of successful beekeeping is that of keeping accurate records. It allows you to know what is, and has been, going on inside your hives which in time should provide useful data that will help you manage your stocks more effectively. From your records you should be able to tell what has been...

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