ABKA Photo Comp 2012

We had the Aberystwyth Beekeepers Association photo competition on Tuesday evening. Vicki who was orgainsing it this year had put a huge amount of effort into it so there were some really good prizes up for grabs. We however didn’t really put much effort into it this year as we didn’t have much time so we just looked through our archive of photos we had taken during the year and chose some that might fit the categories.

The categories were:

  • All the girls together – The Workers
  • Boys will be Boys – The Drones
  • Beekeepers
  • Toddlers – The Brood
  • HRH -The Queen
  • Other Pollinators

Morgan and I had entries for the ‘The Workers’ and ‘Other Pollinators’, Anna and Morgan had entries for ‘Beekeepers’, Anna had an entry for ‘The Brood’ and she also had one for ‘The Queen’. There were plenty of other entries from members of the association and we all voted on our favourites over tea and cakes of course!

Once the votes were counted up, we actually did OK. I won first prize in the ‘Other Pollinators’ category with a photo of an Elephant Hawk Moth, second prize in the ‘The Workers’ category and ‘Best in show’ for my hawk moth photo. Morgan won first in the ‘Workers’ category and Anna got a 2nd place in the Brood category – Not a bad haul for Cole family.

Among other things we won a £10 Thornes gift voucher, a years membership to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, some queen catchers, some chocolate sauce and fudge sauce, lots of badges and hand painted cards, a Figwort plant and a Comfrey plant and plenty of other things too.

Here are some of the photos we entered.

Elephant Hawkmoth

Elephant Hawkmoth

Purple Pollen

Purple Pollen

Yellow and Brown Pollen

Yellow and Brown

Larvae - Snug in their cells

Larvae – Snug in their cells



2 Responses

  1. mum says:

    talented family all round!
    well done

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