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Well, that didn’t quite go to plan. The idea was to head over to the beach to make the most of the sunshine, get the kites out, fly them for a bit and then mess around trying to attach my GoPro to them to do some aerial photography.

Morgan and I headed over with all the kit, but as we did it started raining. Regardless we got Morgan’s kite out and started to fly it as the wind dropped and the rain got heavier. We therefore quickly and very crudely attached the GoPro to it and tried to fly it as it started absolutely pouring down. It didn’t work too well as the camera wasn’t fixed well enough and tended to spin around violently. This wasn’t help by the fact that Morgan’s small, wet kite was now only just capable of lifting it in the ever diminishing winds.

We had one go, got soaking wet and freezing cold so packed up and headed home for lunch.

I won’t show you the actual video footage as it will make even the most hardy travel sick, but here’s a few poor quality stills from the video.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author shem says:

    I like the result, sun would be better though. A friend has just ordered a Quad copter to take a GoPro. Nice toy!

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