Gradual Improvements

Sunday morning was a perfect morning for running, cool at 10ºC, overcast and still. After a quick walk to the beach where the surf was looking perfect I headed off along the flat straight road to Borth. I haven’t been back in the sea yet since my heart attack but with surf like that it was very tempting.

As far as the running was concenrned I was feeling OK all thing considered. My ankle that I’d twisted on Thursday wasn’t sore and my pace was pretty good too. I therefore decided to just keep going at that pace and soon realised I’d be on for another PB over 5km if I kept it up.

That’s a post Heart Attack PB of course, not an all time one. Mind you, now that I’m in my 50’s I don’t think I’d be hitting all time PB’s whether or not I’d had a heart attack.

It did get a little more difficult as the run progressed and my pace slowed a little but I still managed to do 5km in 22:20. Considering my previous PB since my heart attack was 24:08 that’s quite an improvement.

If you want to see what my heart was up to during the run, then here’s my ECG.


Ever onwards I guess. Now to lose some weight to help with the next PB.

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